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Verawaty is a Bachelor of Architecture at Petra University. She left her profession as a contractor and interior designer in 2004 to join Celebrity Fitness in Surabaya. Thus, she began to develop a love for the fitness industry. Apart from Celebrity Fitness, she also worked as Branch Director for Clark Hatch International for 6 years and Golds Gym Indonesia as District Business Manager for 2 years.

Realizing her role as a mother, having a job that requires travelling to 5 different cities every month creates communication issues with her kids, Therefore, she decided to quit and start Urban Athletes at the end of 2016,
Urban Athletes was founded with the tagline ‘International standard local gym’ to show Verawaty’s love for the motherland. She realized that the quality of the work of the Indonesian people is as good as foreigners. Therefore, she has a dream to make Urban Athletes a gym enterprise founded and managed by the first nation’s children who can compete and even excel compared to gyms managed or founded by foreigners.

In 2020 she initiates the first Indonesian Fitness Entrepreneurs Association and gathers all the big fitness brands in Indonesia to unite to voice the interests of the fitness industry to the government. Today PPKI has become partners with the government, helping them better understand the rapid growth of the fitness business in Indonesia.

Verawaty invited to be one of the panellists in the World Health, Fitness and Wellness Festival in Singapore 2022. FIT Summit is the business network for health, fitness, wellness and sports brands & execs in Asia-Pacific, sharing her opinions about Designing future clubs and active spaces - what will they look like physically and digitally. This was international recognition of her whereabouts. In her leadership not only did Urban Athletes survive through the pandemic by not closing any of its club, In 2022 Verawaty and Urban Athletes’ team created “Fitnessworks”, a Fitness brand that provides premium quality budget gym services that focus on the use of digital technology in its operational system. A brilliant Gym concept that with a very minimal investment, Fitnessworks will attracts lots of investors to invest in fitness business, thus it can absorb more human capital with fitness background to increase Indonesia’s Fitness penetration.


Bersama tim yang profesional dan memiliki inovasi dalam bidang fitness, kami yakin bahwa bisnis ini akan menjadi lebih baik bersama tim yang berkompeten. Mari berkenalan dengan mereka!